“Good Friday"

The traditional calendar of the events of our Lord’s last week of ministry looks like this: 

Sunday - Jesus Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem 

Monday - Cleansing of the Temple

Tuesday – Controversies with the Jewish Leaders

Wednesday – Day of Rest

Thursday – Preparation for Passover

Friday – Trial and Crucifixion

Saturday – Jesus rest in the tomb

Sunday – Jesus is raised from the dead

What a week for our LORD!  Entry into Jerusalem to shouts of “Praise” and “Hosannas” to only find on  Monday that the Temple leaders were not praying for the people, but preying on the people.  It is on this day we see the righteous anger of Jesus cleanse His Father’s house.  The Jewish leaders continued their attacks.  Is there any wonder that Jesus took Wednesday as a day of rest before facing the next four days ahead of Him?  While fully Divine, Christ was also fully human.  He knew, he had predicted, he even had told His disciples what was going to happen, but He was the only one at the time that fully understood what lay ahead.  

Jesus was the Passover Lamb, the sacrificial lamb, to be slain for the world.  No other sacrifice would do.  Jesus was obedient to death, even death on a cross.

As we believers today look back on this week and especially on Friday’s events, I am afraid we have become numb, even passive, about what Jesus went through.  I believe many Christians today gloss over Friday to head to Sunday and His resurrection.  Yes, we are Easter people, a people of the resurrection, but we cannot forget Friday’s events.  Jesus Christ was humiliated; He was beaten almost to the point of death and folks, this was painful.  The beating hurt Him just as much as it would have hurt any of us.  He was sentenced to death for no crimes committed.  He was forced to drag a heavy cross up a hill and nails be driven into His hands and feet.  Why did He have to face such agony?  It was God the Father’s plan that a sacrifice had to be made once for all for the sins of the world.  That sacrifice was the Son of Man.  We cannot bypass Friday to get to Sunday.  No Way!  For it was Friday where  redemption took place and it cost Him everything, even His life.  

We have to remember!  For you see, after the Passover meal when Jesus Christ instituted the Lord’s Supper, Communion, on that night He told His disciples (and yes, us too) to remember His body broken and His blood shed until He comes again.  You see, Christ never   wanted us to forget Friday.

We should thank God for Easter Sunday, but we cannot bypass Friday to get there.  Christ didn’t!

Blessings to you all, 

Pastor Marty

Marty March 2014

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